New Era of Organic Living At Oakville Villas in Sarjapur

With the increasing population and demand for food, the farmers have started using more pesticides and fertilizers to yield more crops. Daily new diseases are arising in the people who consume these vegetables and fruits in daily routine. With the increase in awareness, organic foods are more driven by concerns for personal health and the environment. Organic food has become very popular in the recent yeas. But navigating the maze of organic food labels, benefits, and claims can be confusing. Is organic food really better for your mental and physical health?

What does “organic” mean?
Organic gardening without using artificial or synthetic pesticides or insecticides or fertilizers. The basic aim of the gardener is to give to the nature what he derives from the nature!

Organic produce contains fewer pesticides as in market vegetables are colored with copper sulphates and injected with hormone oxytocin to make them look fresh. Chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides are widely used in conventional agriculture and residues remain on (and in) the food we eat. Locally grown organic food is harvested when ripe and thus fresher and full of flavor. With the growth of locally grown food money stays within the local economy. Local grown food is relatively cheaper – the food goes to highly processed factories using preservatives, irradiation, and other means to keep it stable for transport. Housing Projects having organic garden will be imperative in future. With the increase of education and awareness in people, folks are preferring the projects with have organic farms within the community for the fresh fruits and vegetables. No Body want to affected by diseases and want to take a step forward for a healthy lifestyle by choosing organic foods and this will play a major role in people lifestyle in the coming time. With the lack of space for cultivation people have started to do cultivation on roof tops but there are pros and cons to everything, as roof top vegetation beds can be only used for small leafy vegetables only. So people who know the benefits and are looking for another home definitely choose a home which has an organic farm. This is giving rise to projects that offer organic gardens as an amenity.

Kumari Oakville Villas in Sarjapur promote organic farming to another level complemented by 6000+ plants & trees. This community has an organic farm producing seasonal vegetables and spices in their own project for their residents and have a cafe serving fresh green salads and juices. They are growing, these vegetables in a complete area of 15,500 sqft. Kumar Oakville has Reflexology pathway, Yoga Meditation Deck and Amphitheater, designed to fit the lifestyle of modern aspirational buyer.

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