Amaranthine – Proven Step Towards Greener Tomorrow

Our saving techniques are unique and so are we. We don’t claim to be unique only on the basis of our certifications because we have so much more in house for you. We don’t just save the environment, we save you. When you are being conscious enough to ‘go green’ even while purchasing your home, we are being double conscious in making sure you get a lot more in return. Therefore, unlike any other green project, we are affordable, reliable and savior for the saviours (because you save a lot on your part while you save the environment).

That is why we are the first certified ‘Green Building’ by a council which is a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry, IGBC. Indian Green Building Council holds a vision to make India a global leader in sustainable built environment. The evaluation process is quite strict and getting a certification from them entertains no negotiation at any stage. They evaluate projects based on the criteria of its planning, designing, materials, resources and conservation techniques. Which means, that not only do they consider what is a project offering after its completion, but it also considers how eco-friendly a project is right from the ideation and construction stage. With 4 levels of certification based on total credits, IGBC certifies a project from ‘Platinum – Global Leadership level’ (highest) to ‘Certified – Best Practices level’ (Gold – National Excellence and Silver – Outstanding Performance being the second and third level).

Our Kumari Builders and Developers project, Amaranthine, attained a Platinum rating with 92 points, which holds us as “Higest rated Green Project in Karnataka” till date and our ‘savior story’ true. Savior because we ‘save’ to ‘save’. We save the four most essential elements of life resulting in saving life on the whole which are ‘Water’, ‘Power’, ‘Health’ and ‘Time’.

We know water is precious and hence we at Amaranthine plan to save it equally preciously. With our grey and black water purifying system, UVUF filtration and water treatment plant, we save water and make it safe for reusing. Also, due to the availability of Ozonization kit, the water is stored safely. With these processes, we are able to save 50,000 kilo litres of water on daily basis.

We have considered power saving right from the ideation stage hence solar power generation is one criteria used across the building. The use of Saint-Gobain’s solar control glasses is also an initiative towards minimizing the need of an air conditioner at home because of the controlled temperature. This thereby reduces the power consumption during summers. We have also used AAC blocks, which allow 450% more insulation when compared to normal blocks. Not just these, our lifts consume 25% less power because they’re all gearless. Hence, we save power bigtime.

Why do we consider ourselves as health saviors? Well the answer is quite simple. We have designed Amaranthine maintaining better indoor environmental quality. We have used low VOC paint instead of the regular ones which has gotten us benefits like being non-toxic, avoiding allergy causing toxins etc. Not only this, another major reason of using AAC block for construction was its high resistance from fire, sound and pests. Also, the centralized gas connection for each house leaves one with no scope of any accident.
Precious time needs to be saved preciously. Thereby, our prime location of Sarjapur road, with top IT companies, schools, malls, hospitals everything nearby, we are ought to save your time. We also have the facilities of kitty party halls, gyms, swimming pools and many more amenities which would help you to save and spend quality time.

With our ideology of saving to save, and the certification of a ‘Green Building’, we would be glad if we have inspired you to be a little more ‘Greener’. #ApartmentsForSaleInBellandur #ApartmentsForSale #Apartments #Flats #GreenBuilding #SaveWater #SaveTime #SaveEnergy #SaveHealth #SarjapurRoad

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