Kumari Builders And Developers – A Promising Real Estate Company In Affordable Housing Segment

The realisation that Bengaluru was in need of high-quality, affordable homes is what led to the creation of Kumari Builders and Developers in 2012. With proven success in property investment in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur, Bengaluru was the next logical step for Mr. T. Narsimhulu Naidu. While his financial acumen helped him reap benefits in the Silicon Valley of India, Mr. Naidu was not pleased with the quality of the city’s real estate offerings in the affordable segment. So he started the company with the foremost objective of fulfilling the housing needs of working professionals in the city. Its aim is to help young professionals take their first step into affordable independent living.

With his sons T. Ashok Naidu and T. Harshavardhan joining the team, the company had the perfect recipe to create a successful business model. Choice of strategic locations, high-quality construction, adequate funds for property development, on-time delivery and a flexible payment schedule ensured in making Kumari Builders and Developers the preferred choice for numerous home buyers in the IT capital.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company primarily focuses on residential projects. All its projects are located within 15-25 minutes of drive time from key business hubs such as International Tech Park Bengaluru (ITPB), Electronic City, Manyata Tech Park and Sarjapur Road, with a single-minded focus on working professionals.

Ashok says the company’s initial success lay in the fact that it found its niche. Kumari Builders and Developers’ focus is on what they see as an emerging market for high-quality affordable homes aimed at a younger demographic. “Bengaluru attracts a lot of young talent and we aim to make it easier for first-time buyers to take their first step into independent living,” says Ashok.

Most of Ashok’s team members at Kumari Builders and Developers including himself are under 35 making it easier for them to understand the target market. “A lot of our vendors are also young. We work with young talent who have the conviction to experiment with new techniques and technologies,” he says. Property isn’t a traditionally young domain, so some people do cast a doubt on our abilities at times, admits Ashok. However, he is not daunted by the fact that he is a young developer in a highly competitive space. In fact, he thinks it is an advantage.

With eight projects to its credit, Kumari Builders and Developers currently has ongoing projects adding up to 2,54,610 square feet of built-up area. Two of its notable ongoing projects include Kumari Woods & Winds and Kumari Amaranthine.

The company’s pace of progress is a clear indication of its commitment to carve a niche for itself in the city’s realty space. If 10,000 people can benefit in a direct or indirect manner from Kumari Builders and Developers in the next five years, the company believes that it would have contributed in invigorating the economy in a small way.

With a firm foothold in Bengaluru, Kumari Builders and Developers is now eyeing the villa segment for future growth.

As published in The Property Times

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