Amaranthine – Proven Step Towards Greener Tomorrow

Most of us who are environment conscious, do our bit to save water. From making sure that the taps are tightly closed, to not throwing away their little water remaining in the bottles. But deep down we know, those efforts aren’t enough.

Decreasing the wastage is just not enough because we are not left with much of this resource anymore. Therefore, recycling it becomes more important. Despite knowing the fact that even the water from the kitchen and bathroom can be brought in use in some or the other way, we are helpless.

We are unable to follow the saving concept practically due to various reasons like lack of technology or money.


At Kumari Amaranthine one of the green apartments in Bangalore, we have brought up all these issues at peace. We have used grey water purifying systems along with UVUF filters to purify the water from kitchen and bathing which makes the water pure for a recyclable use.

Further, our water treatment plants, we don’t let water go waste. Thereby ̧ what we as an individual couldn’t do, at Kumari Amaranthine Apartments in Bellandur,  all those efforts and wishes have come true. This saving is not just qualitative, but quantitative also. Because of this water saving technique, we are able to save 50,000 Kilo Litres of water not monthly or weekly but daily.


The bottom line is that If all the apartments and individual houses in Bangalore start using this technique of recycling grey water like kumari Amaranthine, Bangalore will have 40 percent more water than what it has now thus ending water scarcity.

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