A wide range of Amenities at Kumari Hamlets



Kumari Hamlets is filled with the abundance of amenities and it has been classified into 5 categories. It has been categorized according to the necessities of distinctive age groups of those who will be residing at kumari hamlets in the future. The following are the 5 categories: 


1) Energetic zones ( For the adrenaline junkies)

2) Kids Zone ( For the playful kids)

3) Community/ Celebration Zone ( For the fun loving people and daily celebrations) 

4) Healing zone ( For the nature oriented people)

5) Contemplative zone ( For the expressive or involving folk)


Energetic Zone: It comprises of following courts; Basket ball court, 2 Badminton courts , Flex court , Cricket nets , Tennis court , Volleyball Court  and Climbing wall. We, kumari Builders like to bring everyone together to live as one family and believe that such team sports will help in connecting people. It will also contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

Kids Zone / Pleasure Garden: One of our primary focuses is to keep the kids engaged intellectually and physically. Therefore, we’ve designed a zone for them which would bring all the kids together to play and learn from each other. The zone will be filed with Sand pit which will include kid's playground equipment; Seesaw, Slides, Scrambler, merry go around, hopscotch , skating , archery, chess , tree house , Snake and Ladder. We will be also making sure that the surrounding is filled with trees which will provide fresh air for the kids while playing.

Community / Celebration Garden: The key element of the project is to bring happiness to the residents. Happiness is an epidemic and therefore it needs to be spread across to whoever resides in the kumari hamlets. So, we created space for them to share their happiness with each other. Space consists of open-air theatre, barbeque court, flea market, party court, celebration court, performance court, and rolling mounds. We also invite farmers to sell fresh vegetables to our residents keeping them our healthy and free from diseases.

Healing Zone: Natural / herbal healing is the best way to heal anything in our life. Let it be a stress, depression or any other decease, we recommend our residents to go with the natural and herbal healing process. Recommendations alone might not help; therefore we decided to create such an atmosphere for our residents. It consists of Yoga Park, Reflexology Park, Sensory Garden, Senior Citizen Park, tea garden and herbal planting for the nature-loving people, bringing our residents closer to nature and developing a healthy lifestyle.


Relaxation / Contemplative Zone: However happy and busy we may be, our mind needs some sort of relaxation and space for contemplation, in order to keep our lives balanced. We indeed care about not only our resident’s physical but mental health as well. We created a place for our residents to sit back and relax. The place consists of reading zone, hammock zone, butterfly garden, Kids play area, multipurpose lawn, jogging trail, a community orchard and lake garden.

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